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02 Mar Why to Hire a Virtual Employee Instead of a Freelancer?

As the name suggests, freelancers are external resources who work on your project on an independent basis. There are several freelancers available online and projects can be assigned depending on the time frame, cost and project requirements. Freelancers have an open option to work as per their availability considering the client’s requirements.

Companies like Elance, Upwork, Freelancer and many other websites provide freelancers from across the globe in many fields. You can check the unsatisfactory experiences of hiring freelancers shared by disappointed users.

Virtual Employee Vs Freelancer

A freelancer is an external resource and it is a bit challenging to control an external resource. You can use the internet to communicate with an external resource, but you can’t control it. If you don’t have control over your resource then how can you work with this resource? Without control, quality results can’t be ensured. Freelancers are suitable only for low-value projects that don’t demand much control.

A virtual employee is an employee who assists you virtually in complete control for a range of tasks which can be managed by using a computer. A virtual employee considers your office as his virtual office and you can manage/communicate/supervise your virtual employee the way you want. Your virtual employee is committed to work exclusively on your project and available for real time communication opportunities in your time zone. You can hire a virtual employee to handle your virtual business tasks safely as he/she works like an in-house resource and you can have complete control over your virtual employee.

Here are some attributes which indicate that hiring a virtual employee may be a far better idea than choosing a freelancer:

Dedicated Resource: A virtual employee is a dedicated employee as this employee works in a proper office environment while freelancer is an external resource without any control.

Risk Factor: There are several risks involved such as security, liability, confidentiality etc. while hiring a freelancer who works from home but these risks do not apply to virtual employee as he works in a safe and controlled office environment under the supervision of a project manager.

Communication: Communication is the key to success for any business. A freelancer hardly has an access to advanced communication channels, but virtual employee understands the importance of smooth communication channels.

Adequate IT Support: Adequate IT Support is taken care of by virtual employees but not by freelancers.

Professional Work Space: Professional work environment of a virtual employee is equipped with the latest technical infrastructure, advanced hardware and software but a freelancer works from home without any technical advancement.

Intellectual Property Protection: Client’s intellectual property can be violated easily by a freelancer, so it’s better to hire a virtual employee to protect intellectual property or to face any related challenges in future.

Further, there are many more advantages of hiring a virtual employee such as:

  • Hiring a virtual employee saves you a lot of time and money.
  • He works like an extension to your local office team.
  • No recruitment, hiring and training cost is involved.
  • No infrastructure, computer, broadband connection, software or hardware (printer, scanner, phone) cost is involved.
  • No fixed salary. You pay only for the number of hours he works.
  • No tension for HR policies, labour laws and taxes, sick leaves, bonus, overtime, medical benefits and other such issues.
  • You focus on your core business activities. Rest outsource to your virtual employee.
  • You control other operational costs involved in your business.
  • You manage business risks by hiring a virtual employee and improve business efficiency.
  • Fast Turn Around Time (TAT) in case of Indian virtual employee (24/7 working advantage).

Hiring a virtual employee acts as a great financial move for your business. With the accessibility of Internet, your virtual employee can handle all the important functions of your in-house business ensuring data security. Hiring a virtual employee can take your business to next level!

How to manage a virtual employee?

  • Make sure he is an experienced virtual employee
  • Make sure that he understands your project requirements
  • Make sure that he is comfortable in online communication like Skype or email
  • Make sure that he is not overloaded on your project
  • Very Important – Have complete control on him
  • Make sure that he reports you on regular basis
  • Make sure that there is regular communication

Advantage of hiring a virtual employee with Neyox

When you hire a dedicated virtual employee (VE) at Neyox, he devotes 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week and 160 hours a month exclusively on your project and one of our project managers supervises your dedicated virtual employee on your behalf and sends you working reports on regular basis i.e. how many hours have been used for a particular task. The project manager works like a mediator between you and your dedicated virtual employee. So, he follows your instructions all the time and you are always in “Complete Control”. 

At Neyox, you can hire a virtual employee for any work which can be managed by using a computer like admin, SEO, SMO, writing, technical support, web design, mobile apps development,  accounts, HR, legal, medical, BPO, Animation, telephone calling or any work doable on computer in a range of professions like information technology , real estate, legal, finance, medical, education, events management, HR, insurance, banking and list goes on.

Neyox has a vast experience in delivering the best quality virtual employee services in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Dubai and many other geographical locations.

For more information, please send your query to info@neyox.com or dial +1 646 556 8259 and one of our consultants (not sales team) will be happy to assist you.

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