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24 Feb Why B2B Marketers Must Emrace Mobile Marketing Tactics?

Usage of mobile is booming over last many years and it is a true fact that mobiles have taken over the laptop usage. These days, mobile is a vital element of online marketing. B2B marketers have been quite lazy while adapting to mobile marketing.

Here are 3 crucial reasons why B2B marketers embrace mobile marketing tactics:

Mobile Impacts Principle Marketing Metrics: There are several disadvantages of not having a mobile friendly site. Any campaign that does not offer solid business experience faces challenges includes organic traffic and lack of site traffic. While business to business marketers are not known to these facts and offer a less optimized mobile experience, it’s important to understand that a mobile friendly site provides great visibility as well as traffic.

Customer Engagement: Instead of ensuring campaign traffic and visibility, mobile friendly sites also enhance the customer engagement and sentiments. According to latest studies, following are some statistics to prove our statement:

  • 75% of the customers agreed to the business website if the website is mobile friendly
  • Majority of the users feel annoyed if the business website is not mobile friendly
  • 52% customers are not likely to do business with companies that don’t have a website

From these statistics, we conclude that a positive mobile experience allows you to interact and engage the sales, revenues and sales.

B2B Decision Makers utilize Mobile Devices: The majority of the B2B buyers rely on the internet for the research, development and selection procedure. However, most of the business buyers need access to these resources. Here are some of the statistics to prove this statement:

  • Most of the users are utilizing mobile devices to make processes B2B
  • Research and browse activities via mobile devices have intensified to more than 3 times
  • Most of the B2B users not only utilize mobile devices while that are not in office, but they also carry out research when they are at work

In case you are a B2B marketer then you should understand your business prospects, how they are interacting with their mobile devices.

The mobile experience really impacts online marketing and tactics success and truly impacts the traffic as well as visibility. By providing the users with a flexible experience, leads and sales will drive.

Bring a positive turn to your business and marketing by turning mobile friendly!

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