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17 Feb Why and how to improve the page rank (PR) of a website?

Page rank is an innovative algorithm of Google discovered by Mr. Larry Page who is the Co-founder of Google. This algorithm is developed specially for link analysis of a particular page, which after analysis provides a numerical value ranging from 0 to 10 which is called as page rank. Page rank of any website can be denoted as the online reputation of that website, which basically shows the importance of that page. Simply in the words of Matt Cutts, “Page rank is Google’s opinion about how reputable a web page is. It includes not only the links to your page, but also counts that how valuable those links are.” For increasing page rank of the website quality of back links is very important. So it advisable that one should go for quality of links rather than focusing on quantity of the links.

Why to improve page rank

  1. Page rank is the Google’s view to importance of a page
  2. Increases your online reputation
  3. Increases the value of the links of your websites
  4. High PR websites are quickly indexed when they update new pages
  5. PR also controls the traffic flow on your website some how

Now after looking on the key points of why to increase the page rank, you must be thinking for the possible ways to improve your page rank. Here are the ways to improve page rank gradually.

Ways to improve page rank

  1. Increase quality of backlinks
  2. Unique and error free content
  3. Avoid Keyword stuffing/spamming
  4. Use meticulous meta tags and page titles
  5. Create site map and index it on search engines
  6. Link exchange on quality websites
  7. Don’t put links on your website unless very important
  8. Do some research and remove negative keywords from you site
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