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26 Jan When the cheap turns into expensive

One of the major factor of popularity and usage of offshore outsourcing is the reduced labor cost. This is also considered as greatest benefit of outsourcing which help the companies to draw large profits with less investment. But with the waning value of money, a situation may arise when the cheap labor turns to be expensive. Hiring freelancers is one of the best examples for this. The people employed in outsourcing start demanding high salaries or wages.

In such situations, most of the companies go for freelancers for their affordable cost. But when the projects are long term, freelancers have the freedom or limit to show the dedication towards work as in the start to the end of work. If any issue rises related to quality or timely submission there is no option for the companies to go for another freelancer or virtual employee to start the work from the scratch. This is how the cost of any project gets doubled when working with freelancers.

The same questions evolve in the field of almost all freelance projects. In most of the cases sample of the freelance workers may impress the client. But when started with the projects, the quantity and quality assured comes down making the client to even lose the projects. But at the same time hiring virtual employees gives strong commitment since they belong to an organization.

Some times hiring freelancers to get the job done can drive you into the pit of great loss. In the case of long terms projects, there will be some circumstances when you have to make the freelancer to contact your client. In the long run, this may build sound relation with them directly and chances are lot for you to miss a million dollar worth client.

Freelance working has its own freedom, free from strong commitments, easy to drop at any stage, no contracts and easy to stand still without any prior notice or indication. But in the case of virtual employees, the factors like, commitment and dedication touches it heights. This is the big difference between hiring freelancers and virtual employees. The working atmosphere and time of freelancers vary with their mood and interest. This is what affects the timely submission of the projects.

Hence in all terms it is better to take the eyes from freelancers if the project belongs to high quality, timely submission and of long term. Success of every project lies in the workers who complete it in a professional manner. Virtual employees can show the flames of commitment, dedication and professional excellence in handling the project than any of the freelancers. Don’t make your investment to fall in the pit of loss by hiring a freelancer.

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