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17 Feb What should be the ideal keyword density while SEO content writing?

With the emergence of Google’s new Algorithm – Google Panda, the value of content has gone to heights. The main job of Google Panda is to bring down the density of the website that is having low quality content. With increasing trend of content optimization, SEO content writing has become quite popular but the most important factor in SEO content writing is “Keyword Density”. Keyword is the main phrase or set of words that a particular content page focuses on. The repetition of such keywords in the content makes the content SEO friendly and brings it up in search results. All the SEO analyst and experts has different views for their SEO process and thus optimize the content as per their concept. But every webmaster has the same question to get the answer of is – What’s the ideal keyword density?

Different webmasters has different concepts of Keyword density.Some says that it should between 3 to 5.5%, some says it should be between 3 to 8 and some keep it between 2 to 3%. But it would be interesting to know that what’s the way to calculate these exact values? Is there any formula or research study that depicts these statistics? By a little research on the topic you will understand that, “there is no particular way to calculate ideal key word density neither any webmaster did such a deep research on keyword density to write a theory on it.” There are a number of websites selling keyword density tools or software but all of them are FAKE as there is no hard and fast rule of keyword density.

Facts you should keep in mind regarding Keyword Density of your Content

  1. No Hard & fast rule and no fixed keyword density
  2. Stop obsessing about keyword density, just write the content naturally
  3. Write content for readers, not for Google or other search engines
  4. Google has no set standards for keyword density, but punishes spamming
  5. Content should be informative and readable, it will get the value it deserves
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