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19 Mar Four Ways to Turn Your Website Visitors into Sales

Enhancing your website traffic is challenging and time-consuming, so why not to make sure that you are converting each visitor into sales? As different kinds of people visit your website, some of them might buy, some will just enquire and some of the visitors will leave.

Here’s how to turn your website visitors into sales:

Build Trust Online: The one important question all the people are looking to answer during their visit on your website is can they trust you? Do your products/services are same as mentioned in the website? Will they arrive without delay (i.e. execution)? Is your site trusted?

There are numerous ways to increase the trust of your visitors on your website. Some of them are highlighted below:

  • Showcase the awards you have won, certifications you have done, logos of credit cards etc.
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Contact Information
  • Phone number
  • Company details with physical address
  • Accessible delivery information
  • About us page with business information

How to Get More Buyers to Buy?

In order to get more buyers to buy your products/services, it is imperative to give your visitors the accurate information they are looking for on your website. Try to give your best content. Use a compelling call-to-action in your informative or valuable pieces of content. When a visitor looks for a specific product, he will need clear instruction, product guides, pictures, comprehensive specifications. For first time buyers, you can offer a low price on your great products with the guarantee. It is also a great choice to set some Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) on your website – using online analytics to improve your website’s performance.

How to Get More Enquirers to Buy?

It’s too hard to convince an enquirer to buy. The foremost step is to make it easy for them to enquire and convince them to provide their email address to you. This way, you can begin the conversation and try to win their trust that leads to the conversion.

Here are few steps you can follow to increase the chances that they will provide you their email address:

  • Be sure to put an email sign-up form at the footer of every page.
  • Make sure you keep their information confidential.
  • Mention clearly what you will provide them in return i.e. latest offers and special discounts for their next purchase.

How to Start the Conversation?

Once you receive the email address from your enquirers, you can start the conversation with them to build their trust on you, to make them understand your business, services/products and thank them for signing up. Also ask them to follow you on social media. Once you are done with welcome sequence, they will get your regular emails encouraging them to buy.

How to Get More Browsers to Buy?

Things you have done to convince buyers to buy and persuade enquirers to enquire will help you get more browsers to buy. There is still more you can do to get more browsers to buy. Casual browsers might give you their email address but in case they don’t then you have no way of marketing them rather than using cookie retargeting – Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising.

For your business to survive, it is imperative to convert those prospects/leads/visitors into opportunities who find you online, visit your website, and participate in your communities. If you follow the above marketing strategies, you might be able to turn your website visitors into sales.

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