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17 Feb Value of unique content on your website

Often you must have read on many portals that “Content is the king” and you must be thinking that is this correct or how can content be the king? Here are some key points that most website owners should know about value of unique content on the website. For understanding the real value of content you must know that how a search engine works. Whenever a query is made on search engines (Google, Yahoo & MSN etc.) using a particular keyword, the search engine brings out the search results using its index where the crawler of the search engine has already stored the websites which according to it, has best information and match regarding that keyword.

It is very important to have fresh and unique content on your website if you are looking to attract traffic from search engines. Search engine love fresh and unique content because the main aim of search is to deliver accurate and relevant information to its users who come and search for information. When a search engine finds unique and readable information through crawler, it indexes the website in its database and produces it in search results when a relevant query is made.

Unique Content on your website has following benefits

  1. Unique content presents you as a subject matter expert
  2. Unique content helps in quick search engine indexing
  3. Fresh and unique content brings traffic to your website

Internet marketing is all about getting right visitors from internet which may be your potential customers. If you do not have relevant and unique content on your website, Modern Search Engines hit your portal hard. The new search algorithm of Google known as Google Panda, works to decrease the traffic on websites with low quality content and promote the high quality websites. So now it’s the real time to say that Content is the King, because if you have low quality or copied content, your website will not have any traffic by Google and other search engines.

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