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13 Mar How to Use Video to Boost Landing Page Conversions?

Attracting targeted audience to your website is not easy. One of the most effective ways to enhance the conversion rate of your landing pages is to use videos. These days, most of the companies have started to generate video content to use it on their landing pages. The effectiveness of a landing page depends solely on the quality and relevance of the content on it. Adding relevant content on landing pages enhances conversion rate. People prefer visual media over large blocks of text.

Here are few tips to help you generate quality video content that will boost landing page conversions:

Focus on Relevancy: It is imperative to add relevant information about your company while scripting the video. Things like ‘What makes your company stand out from your competitors?’, ‘What are the feedbacks by people using your services?’.¬† Take time and focus on writing video script that is relevant.

Concise and Short Video: Long videos don’t gain much traffic than short ones. Latest researches indicate that videos with shorter length have better completion rates. It is imperative to keep landing page videos of 2-3 minutes. You can add enough information about your business under your video to gain more visibility.

Landing Page Video Must Signify Authenticity: While creating landing page video, it is enticing to outline what you are going to present to camera. Rather than just learning scripts, prepare a list of questions to ask the speaker and let them improve their answers for more engagement and authenticity.

Add Professional Touch to Your Video: Quality matters the most. The quality of landing page can help to enhance conversion rate. It is important to produce a professional video on your landing page to leave a good impression on visitors.

Present Informative and Interesting Video: Be sure to present videos in an interesting way. It is imperative to keep your landing page video short and to the point to explain the important aspects of your business. Take time to create compelling video content to engage your visitors.

Add a Call to Action (CTA) Button to Your Landing Page Video: Call to action button in your video is incredibly important. You can make your Call to Action (CTA) button visible while watching the video or at the end. For better conversion results, choose high-resolution thumbnail image.

Just having a video on your landing page is not enough. If your video is relevant to prospects, it can lead to greater conversion rate.  Considering the above tips can help you make your landing page videos more effective which in turn boost landing page conversions.

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