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If you are a C-level executive then you might be juggling between your high level works and administrative tasks with short deadline. According to the studies says that effective leaders always focus on the high level and effective problem solving and business strategy which demand their attention and expertise. Managers spend more than twenty five percentage of their valuable time to do administrative tasks which might downturn in the business growth and productivity. To be the best performing leader, it is always essential to differentiate unimportant and important jobs.

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First and foremost you must manage time efficiently and you should identify outsourceable and important tasks. As a C-level executive, most of the daily tasks are to fall under “outsourceable and important” category.

In a technology world, outsourcing is famous not only for business but also for C-level employees. The new age executive virtual assistant in Ohio is bot on demand and virtual. Nowadays virtual assistant is more skilled and affordable because they work from the home or remote location. If you are C-level executive then you must know about importance of hiring executive virtual assistant such as

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Calendar and email management tasks

Keeping calendar up to date is most important tasks but it takes more time.You might be receiving plenty of mails on the daily basis. You can assign all your tasks to the virtual assistant who takes care of all the tasks so that you can concentrate on other main tasks. EVA can fix appointments and schedule it at your calendar which is useful to schedule your day efficiently.

Online research

If you are a C-suite employee then online research is important for plenty of things which starts from updating yourself about advanced happening at industry and prepare your next TED talk. Basically remote executive assistant is really useful for you in doing research to your business work which is offering extra time to focus on other kinds of pressing requirements.

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Proof reading document

Proofreading is an important managerial job and C-level executive come across plenty of works like blogs updating, proposals and documents writing that involves in the extensive proofreading. They help you in handling proofreading task that may ensure written materials are relevant, accurate and ready to use.

Secretarial tasks

It is necessary to each C-level executive to have the personal secretary in order to take care of the regular administrative tasks. People can outsource all kinds of administrative errands such as free up your time and attending phone calls to focus on the important things.

Social media management

Virtual assistant is an extension of the social media and C-level executive tend to spend all of their time at office, busy with the conference, deals and meeting. Luckily executive virtual assistant might accommodate all kinds of the social media tasks which include maximizing twitter following, promoting facebook fan groups or fans and making posts.

Personal tasks

Executive virtual assistant is entirely different from other personal assistant because they can help in the different errands such as work out routines, family trips, booking hotels, arranging for plumbers and so on.

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