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Choosing a virtual assistant from an organization Vs an independent freelancer in California

It is good to hire a personal employee from the right organization or an independent freelancer to do your tasks perfectly. Now, there are several types of virtual assistance services are available to offer lots of freelancers or independents. In this article, you will get more information about the pros and cons of choosing a Virtual Assistant in California from the right agency like Neyox.

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Commonly, the employees from organizations are highly committed to their clients, because they are responsible to their companies. But the freelancers are not that much committed, because they can manage it themselves that are not liable to anyone.


When you wish to process a bigger than the normal project and requires a lot of hands to complete, the organization can support you will the entire essential help with additional hands. Similarly, when your business begins growing real very fast as well as your requirements for human resources shoot up, then the organization is willing to suffice the requirements of your staff. In such a case, the freelancers are not sufficient capacity for scalability. So, you will not be able to go beyond the single capacity of individuals. Even if you wish to extend more than the present capacity, you need to begin your recruitment process from the beginning.

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Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)

Commonly, many of the organizations are looking to work safe, when it is secret data of clients. These organizations can sign a NDA with the clients in order to keep their work very secret between the company and the client. When it comes to the independent, no such commitments and arrangements are made.

Experts in different areas

In an organization, you can find several experts who help to different types of skill sets such as digital marketing, accounting and web development. But among the independents, it is quite complex to identify a single person who is an expert in various domains.

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Price versus quality

When it comes to pricing, it could be unclear that organizations come off as costly. However, when you compare with the independents, such type of quality can be delivered by the agency that is quite high.

Emergency tasks

Suppose, if you need to do something importantly right now, the organizations would get the process to complete. In case of a freelancer, you need to hold back and wait for a long until the individual is available during your time. If they are busy with some other job, they may not take it up instantly too.

Trial period

Many organizations are hiring a Virtual Assistant in California that offers some type of trial period for their clients. This can make sure that the client gets to critic the services without even assuring any investment upfront. When it comes to the independents, this is a type of a setup that can be unheard of.

Giving feedback

If your job is not completed within the time period, you can always escalate the organization to a manager and then you will identify your concerns addressed. In case of independent, you can give the negative comments directly to the assistant.

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