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08 Feb Top Seven Tips to Manage your Virtual Employees

In a world where opportunities are unlimited, employees have grown redundant about their desk jobs and they are leaving it faster than they are grabbing it. The resignation letters coming in multitude has inspired enterprises to develop a new concept that helps them avoiding investing hundreds of dollars on an employee who is not going to stick for long, thus came into existence the concept of Virtual Employees.

You hire an employee in a virtual world and you pay them for the work they do, you do not care about their desk, cabins or their provident fund.

Just like the traditional business demands employees, online business also demands some virtual employees to manage business smartly and get some other important things (sales, marketing, admin etc.) done handy. Sometimes, managing virtual employees might be difficult task like regular communication, project management, time tracking, document sharing etc.

There are some proven strategies which can be used to manage your virtual employee smartly; as follows:

    1. Communication:

Communication plays a vital role in every business. You have to make sure that you’re in a good communication withyour virtual employees. You can keep up with them through some instant messengers and emails. One point you need to make sure is that your virtual employees do not keep sending you numerous mails for little queries, give them proper guidelines for clearing up the queries at a time.

    1. Communication between Team Members: 

If you have a team of virtual employees, you might need to keep them all in one loop so that none of them is left behind or shunt into each other. The unity of team matters a lot.

    1. Document Sharing

Next thing, you need to be very careful of is keeping all your files on the cloud storage and tell your employees to do the same as well. In this case, all your employees will have access to the files they need and if even any of the employees quits, you’ll have the complete access his work.

    1. Treating them like in-person: 

Yes, you need to treat your virtual employees like in-person. That way, you’ll get to know your employees and their progress better. You do need to define their job description, motives and all necessary things in details to get the best out of them.More you know your employees, easier it is to manage them.

    1. Working Hours: 

The greatest way to keep the virtual employees happy is to provide them with the flexibility in their working hours.

    1. Keeping track of work: 

You need to keep the track of work output of your virtual employees to keep your business up and rising. You should keep yourself updated with the progress of the works assigned.

    1. Fire Quickly:

If your virtual employees seem off the record or is trying to misguide or is not responsive, you should fire them and find a better replacement.

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