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As we are living in year 2016, it’s the right time to look at what’s there in the store for B2B marketing trends in this year. With content marketing, marketing automation, social media and mobile optimization seen as emerging trends will continue to be popular in this year. Well, we are sharing few of the top B2B marketing trends that will impact your B2B marketing strategy in 2016.

Understand Your Customers’ Requirements: B2B campaigns focus on customers not organizations. B2B market trends need engagement with target customers to deliver an effective customer service. Businesses utilize data and analytics to understand their customers.

Mobile Will Dominate: Today customers are more likely to use their mobile devices to access your product information. B2B marketers must use responsive websites. Brands will keep delivering excellent digital marketing experiences.

Brand Stories: As all B2B marketing trends target customers, brand stories reflect what a business offers. Contextual storytelling helps brands to enhance their visibility.

Create Relevant and Appealing Content: Creating relevant and informative content and sharing it across popular social media platforms is a top B2B marketing trend for 2016.

Integrating Marketing Automation Tools: To stay competitive, B2B marketers are using new techniques and innovative marketing tools. They also consider traditional marketing activities like SEO, content optimization, email marketing etc through marketing automation tools to serve potential customers.

Find Innovative Avenues for Brand Promotion: Today B2B marketers use native advertising, social media and innovative marketing apps to promote their valuable content. It is also advisable to create an informative and interesting video to share your business information to attract potential customers.

Increasing Focus on Customer Experience: Businesses that focus on customer experience see higher growth. Potential customers expect to be treated as individuals. It is important to understand their requirements and offer them a customized solution.

Email Marketing:  B2B marketers should use email marketing effectively. Well, we understand that using a mobile-friendly email marketing technique is a challenge for marketers. But a more focused approach to email marketing is now a practical technique for B2B marketers.

With the rise in innovative technology, 2016 is looking to be a year full of technology and innovation. Keep in mind that the key to a successful B2B marketing is in creating relevant content, targeting the right customers and spending time on new technologies.

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