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As technology is changing continuously, the companies need to adapt accordingly. Most of the business owners understand the value of having an updated user-friendly website. On the other side, some companies don’t realize the value of keeping their website updated.

Well, we are sharing five signs which indicate that it’s the time to update your website.

High Bounce Rate: Bounce rates indicate that for how long a visitor stays on your website . If your website is not designed properly or is outdated, it may contribute to high bounce rate. And you may need to update your website to improve its bounce rate.

Out-of-Date Copyright: As you scroll down at the bottom of your website, you will find a copyright notice with the name of rights holder and publication year. It is important to assure your users that your business is up-to-date, so be sure to renew copyrights and update your website every year.

Hyperactive Theme: Gone are the days when designers and developers used to design websites having wild and mismatching colors. These days, it is important to choose a sleek and modern style website that can convey a professional message to your target audience. At Neyox, we believe that it will help you to attract a wider audience to your website.

Lack of Mobile Functionality:  If your website lacks mobile functionality, you will lose about 25% of your customers. According to a recent study by Google, more users use mobile phones to search the web than a desktop or laptop.

Social Media Presence: These days, all companies use social media websites to promote their business online and generate traffic on the website. If you are missing your presence on social media websites, you must create accounts on social media websites and include these links to your website.

Outdated Content: If your website content is outdated, you need to add fresh and relevant content to your website.  Keeping your website up-to-date can be challenging. But updating the website content or blogs is a great way to increase traffic to your website.

With the above mentioned checklist, you can easily determine whether your site needs an update or not. It is good to keep your website fresh and optimized in search engine. By doing so, you will see an increase in traffic, leads and a significant return on your investment.

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