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08 Feb Top 101 Tasks You can Outsource to your Virtual Assistant to Bring Your Business Up!

Time is the most precious resource for any business owner. It’s not a smart decision to spend it on time consuming or mundane tasks. Now-a-days, outsourcing has changed everything about a running business. There are numerous business owners who are reluctant to outsource their tasks to virtual assistant to expand their business. It is imperative to hire a virtual assistant for the role not for the task. Virtual assistant works in a team to achieve the desired results that you are looking for as a business owner.

Here is a list of roles that you can outsource to virtual assistant to expand your business. The list is further categorized into a list of tasks:


Hiring a Virtual Assistant to manage your emails, schedule management tasks, email marketing, blogging etc is imperative to make your business highly productive.

Email and Schedule Management Tasks

  1. Email Management/Filtering
  2. Database Building i.e. updating emails or contact lists on CRM
  3. Answering Support Tickets
  4. Calendar Management
  5. Sending Emails, Event Invitations etc
  6. Booking Appointments with Clients
  7. Travel Arrangement and Planning
  8. Reminder Services

File Storage and Organization Tasks

  1. Dropbox/Google Drive Organization
  2. Google Docs
  3. Creating or Managing Spreadsheets
  4. Preparing PowerPoint Presentations
  5. PDF Conversion, Splitting and Merging

Administrative & Blogging Tasks

  1. Video Transcription
  2. EBook Formatting
  3. Preparing Minutes of Meetings
  4. Report Preparation
  5. Creating Forms
  6. Creating Document Template
  7. Online Data Research
  8. Generating Leads
  9. Blog Publishing
  10. Blog Comments
  11. Adding Images and Tags to Blogs
  12. Answering Occasional Calls
  13. Transcription of Voicemail
  14. Sending Client Invoices
  15. Bookkeeping
  16. Personal Tasks
  17. Project Management
  18. Training to new Virtual Assistant
  19. Training Tasks
  20. Preparing Training Material
  21. Deadline Tracking
  22. Social Media Management
  23. Creating Social Media Pages and Groups
  24. Managing Facebook Posts
  25. Promoting Facebook Pages and Posts
  26. Collating and Interpreting Facebook Insights
  27. Creating a Twitter Business Account
  28. Managing Twitter Followers
  29. Create and Manage Tweets
  30. Create and Manage LinkedIn Profile
  31. Create and Manage Pinterest Profile
  32. Creating Pinterest Pins
  33. Create Youtube Account
  34. Upload and Manage Videos on Youtube
  35. Manage YouTube Comments
  36. Other Social Media Tasks
  37. Forum-Discussions on All Channels and Profiles
  38. Create and Manage Slide Share Presentations

Email Marketing

  1. Creating and Managing a New List in Email Marketing Software
  2. Managing Subscribers from Lists
  3. Creating and Scheduling Emails
  4. Managing Follow-up Emails
  5. Creating and Managing Email Newsletters
  6. Editing Emails


The role of virtual assistant in video production is a little new but can help your business to be more productive.

  1. Basic Editing of Video Files
  2. Removing Background Noise from Video
  3. Adding Descriptive Information to Video
  4. Basic Editing
  5. Installing PowerPress
  6. Podcast Setup
  7. Podcast Insertion on BlogPost


Outsourcing your content to a professional content writer can help a lot in saving your time and efforts and bring your business to next level.

  1. Blog Post Creation
  2. Guest Blogging
  3. SEO Writing
  4. Press Release Writing
  5. News Letter Writing
  6. Copywriting
  7. Article Spinning
  8. Article Marketing
  9. Microblog Writing


Having a strong SEO marketing assistant will let your content to be marketed to draw long-term traffic.

  1. Website Analysis
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Competitor Analysis
  4. Creating Landing Page
  5. Web Master Verification
  6. SiteMap Creation
  7. On-Page Optimization
  8. Off-Page Optimization
  9. Social Bookmarking
  10. Directory Submission and other high PR submissions
  11. Blog Commenting
  12. Forum Posting
  13. Link Building
  14. Google Analytics/Traffic Reports
  15. Weekly or Monthly Keyword Ranking Reports


Outsource your graphic design to VA who has top-shelf experience in designing logos, landing pages and other tasks help to grow your business.

  1. Designing Logos
  2. Designing Web Images
  3. Web Designing
  4. Designing Landing Pages
  5. Video Editing


It is imperative to hire a super-skilled web developer to manage the coding and other things.

  1. Creating WordPress Websites
  2. Install WordPress Themes
  3. WordPress Theme Customization
  4. PlugIn Enhancement
  5. Site Maintenance
  6. CRM and Social Media Integration
  7. Payment Gateway Integration
  8. Supporting Email Ticketing System


From the above mentioned list of tasks, you can imagine that a virtual assistant can handle various tasks for you and lead your business towards productivity and growth. The fact of the matter is that working with a Virtual Assistant has gone so far than an individual ever thought possible. From just filtering emails and social media management, it has gone further to SEO marketing, web development etc to scale up your business. It’s all about business growth and productivity. It’s about learning that, as business owners, you shouldn’t spend your precious time on time consuming or mundane tasks.

Interested in hiring a virtual assistant? Please visit or send your query to info@neyox.com or dial +1 646 556 8259 and one of our consultants (not sales team) will be happy to assist you.

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