Software Testing

Why should your business invest in Software Testing?

The quality of the software product is all that makes difference between the success and failure. Defects found in a business critical application have the potential of lowering the value of your product and can cost you millions in lost sales and considerable reputation damage. The end result is customer dissatisfaction which is the death warrant for any business. That’s what makes software testing such a critical aspect in the IT process framework.

Many businesses are averse to the idea of software testing as they think that it adds additional costs. However, on the contrary, testing minimizes business costs substantially because it integrates quality and increases test automation- all while lowering costs.

Neyox Software Testing Services Include:

We are a team of seasoned, experienced and erudite software testing professionals who have expertise in all types of technologies including functional, acceptance, and performance testing technologies. We offer an exhaustive suite of testing services for all your software testing needs.

Test Automation

Automation Software Testing is a comprehensive quality assurance methodology in which special automated software is used to carry out tests on your system.

Functional Testing

This test is performed to evaluate and verify your application’s existing functionality to its actual requirements and specifications. Normal as well as erroneous input data is used to perform this test.

Security testing

This test is done to determine the security loopholes while identifying any potential vulnerabilities due to which your web application, mobile applications, and software system can fall a victim to a malware, phishing or hacking attack.

Accessibility Testing

Worldwide millions of people live with some form of disability. Our experienced accessibility testers can assist you in identifying accessibility issues and ensuring your software is compliant and inclusive.

Load Testing

Load testing is carried out on an application or system to determine how it will behave under normal and over peak load conditions. Engage our expert load testers to mitigate risks associated with system failure under load.

Performance Testing

Determine the responsiveness and reliability of your business-critical application and optimise its performance with Neyox’s Consummate Domain Expertise in the field of performance testing which is vital for analyzing and validating your IT performance while mitigating the risks associated with lost business and damaged brand reputation.

Usability Testing

This is performed to test how user-friendly the software is.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing is generally the final stage in the software testing process done by the customer to understand how the delivered system performs in real-world scenarios. This test determines whether the software is ready to go to a live environment.

Compatibility Testing

Neyox provides exhaustive compatibility testing services that can be carried out across a variety of browsers, operating systems, databases, servers, software, hardware, different versions, configurations, etc.

Leverage the proven expertise and skills of our software testing professionals

As software testing specialists, we use industry’s most advanced software tools, technology, and best practices to ensure that only error-free products are released.

We are a horizontal remote staffing organization offering the independent offshore software testing services that cater to customers belonging to different industry verticals- enterprise software, healthcare, financial services, gaming, and education etc.

We use industry best practices for the QA lifecycle by initiating testing throughout the entire application lifecycle, allowing your software to be thoroughly tested before it is released.

Get the Neyox Advantage

  • Proven expertise in software application testing
  • Shared time zones
  • Use of industry’s most advanced software tools, technology, and best practices
  • Top quality with cost effective solutions
  • Unbiased Software testing
  • Best practices and strategies to cater to the unique software QA testing needs

Neyox: A one-stop Software Testing Services Destination

With the right skills, processes for software testing solution to cater your requirements, we follow the industry best practices. Added to this, our expert software testing managers work collaboratively with clients to deliver a wide variety of testing services much faster and in a highly cost-efficient way.

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