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26 Jan Social media marketing – Effective way to get traffic and promotions

Social media marketing is one of the internet marketing strategies which is used to generate the traffic or attention through social media sites.

Social media itself is a catchy word for social media sites which provide drastically different social actions. For example, Twitter is a social site which allows people to share their views/update with people in their network. Facebook, in contrast is social networking site with lots of features that allow users to share updates, photos, events, tweets, chat and a variety of other activities.

From a survey it has been revealed that 40 % of the Facebook users (total user – 750 millions) follow a brand page and 51% of them buy products of the brand they follow. Same is the case with Twitter where these percentages vary. Social media marketing is also referred to as Niche Marketing because only the person who wears the Adidas products is likely to be a fan of the Adidas fan page on the Facebook.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

1. Easy way to reach to a wider audience

2. Very economical in terms of time and money

3. Builds strong brand loyalty and brand promotion

4. Brings relevant traffic on the website

5. Easy to target the potential market

6. Caters a niche market

A social media page of any brands creates a huge data base with all the demographics of the present and potential customers of a brand, so it would be easy to float in the market a new product which will be promoted among millions of followers automatically without any extra marketing cost. In this way social media marketing is the most cost effective and affordable way of marketing, where one can reach to millions with just a post or tweet on its fan page.

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