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More and more people spend countless hours making a website highly appealing and informative. But it doesn’t help. They get frustrated and assume the web is not working for them. If your website is getting traffic but visitors are leaving right away, there would be some reasons as follows:

Lack of Clear Call to Action: When a visitor visits your website, they should be able to instinctively understand where to go next. If they are not sure what to do, they will leave and may go to your competitor’s site. It is important to include a clear call to action where they can take action to have their requirements met.

Too Lengthy Content: We understand that content is the king. But no one wants to spend their time on reading paragraphs of content. To grab visitor’s attention, you can keep your content brief and use bullets to highlight main points. The shorter the content, the better will be the visibility!

Too Much Information Demanded In Your Forms: When you ask potential visitors for their information in a form, you must give them something in return. As they are offering their personal information, you can deliver them a free consultation, a pdf, an ebook or a customized quote. Avoid asking for too much information. It will irritate visitors and they can leave right away.

Disordered Navigation: In order to attract potential visitors, your website design must be user-friendly and easily navigable. An easy-to-read format must be used to provide the right information to potential visitors. If your website structure is complex, your potential customers are more likely to leave.

Not Directed to your Targeted Visitors: Be aware of what your audience understands about your industry. Avoid using complex terms that they don’t understand. Try making efforts to direct to your target visitors.

Countless Popups: If visitors can’t get to your website content because of too many popups asking them to sign up for a newsletter, they can leave your website. It’s not only annoying but also make viewing on a mobile device almost impossible.

Slow-Loading Page: If it takes a lot of time for your content to load, potential visitors are more likely to leave your page and go to a faster-loading site. Be sure to optimize your hosting platform to get huge web traffic.

Attracting potential visitors is hard enough. You have already got to know that visitors leave websites for a lot of reasons. If you are getting website traffic and not sales, it is important to look at what might be driving your visitors away.

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