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Neyox – The Digital Marketing Agency

Founded in year 2010 and born from passion with an entrepreneurial spirit, steeped into a foundation of Real Estate marketing business and hungry for expanding our knowledge, the Neyox team challenges themselves daily to propel the advancement of clients and brands. At – Digital Marketing Agency, we have been working for real estate companies and individual realtors associated with REMAX, Keller Williams, Redfin, Colliers, Century21, Coldwell Banker, Aaroe, Sothbys International Realty and other organizations. Not another business, just another marketing division within Neyox that has been designed from only the top real estate marketing professionals in the business. With a vast experience spanning across all sectors of marketing including Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, the experienced professionals that Neyox has attracted have come to make up one of the most effective real estate marketing teams in the world. Neyox marketing professionals are experts in effective, results driven solutions for real estate professionals with special focuses on Internet Marketing, which consists of the following:

  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Google+ Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Newsmaker Marketing
  • Email Campaign
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Blog Writing
  • Zillow Accounts Management
  • Yelp Accounts Management
  • Trulia Accounts Management
  • Craigslist Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • And Other Services

Get Started With Linkedin Lead Generation Services

Social Media Marketing Management

Linkedin Marketing Management

  • LinkedIn profile optimization (with a set of specific keywords)
  • Blog writing/publishing on your services
  • Promotion of your LinkedIn profile and business services in targeted groups (upto 50)
  • Business networking in targeted segment/category – Commercial Real Estate Agents
  • Sending thanks or follow-up messages to new connections
  • Endorsing business professionals to get noticed
  • Asking for recommendations to increase profile visibility
  • Posting small updates daily in all groups to get noticed
  • Sending marketing messages to prospects to generate business leads
  • Sharing some attractive/motivational quotes/wall papers to get noticed

Facebook Marketing Management

  • Posting small updates daily to get noticed
  • Wall paper posting
  • Cross marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+)
  • News sharing of your Industry
  • Sharing of your YouTube videos on your Facebook page
  • Social networking with prospects
  • Exchanging messages with prospects/ Chatting
  • Joining relevant groups and regular postings
  • Sharing some attractive/motivational quotes/wall papers to get noticed

Twitter Marketing Management

  • Posting small updates daily with hash tags keywords to get visibility
  • Cross marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+)
  • Sending thanks messages to new followers
  • Following prospects on Twitter
  • Posting small updates to get notified

Google+ Marketing Management

  • Posting small updates daily to get noticed
  • Wall paper designing/posting
  • Cross marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+)
  • News sharing of your Industry
  • Business Networking

Instagram Marketing Strategies

  • Sharing Wallpapers and Pictures through Instagram
  • Use popular hashtags that have the best chance of getting searched
  • Use hashtags commonly thought to attract new followers
  • Contribution to Instagram community (Liking, Commenting on pictures)
  • Sharing images and videos from events can help your followers feel like they’re in on the action, and are a real part of your community
  • Post relevant images and keep them in line with your brand’s vibe
  • Organising your entire profile
  • We may use Instagram ads to reach the right community
  • Posting relevant and engaging images to get organic traffic
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