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17 Feb Offshore Outsourcing: Appraising ROI

Offshore outsourcing is one of the recent developments which have a wide spread application all over the world. As the term indicates it is the concept of hiring external people or organization for performing various business solutions of a country other than the mother country of the company. Various countries which have recognized and utilized the concept of offshore outsourcing are USA, UK, Argentina, India, Indonesia etc.

Sending the work to be performed overseas is the simpler meaning of this concept. It is the global economic environment which offers success in the terms of human resources as well as finances.

There are major three types of offshore outsourcing prevalent in the present world. They are Information Technology Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing and Knowledge Process outsourcing. This concept is beneficial for both employee as well as employer on the line of finance. The most important factors that prompt the companies to go for outsourcing are cost, quality and time.


There is no doubt that the cost stands as the first factor to consider when it is the time of offshore outsourcing. It is said that the greatest advantage of offshore outsourcing is reduction of the investment or financial resources which are spend in performance of the same functions by domestic people. India, China and Philippines are known for providing services to the offshore clients at affordable rates. With countless companies providing quality services at reasonable rates at India stands first in the list.


It is the quality of service that makes the offshore clients to continue with virtual employees. The projects should be completed with high standards of quality demanded by the clients. Offshore service providers in India assure quality work for the offshore outsourcing clients with good team of talented professionals, consultants and experts.


The significant factor or criteria considered by almost all companies is the capability of employees in meeting the deadlines. Time plays a great role in making the offshore clients satisfied to assure the employee with more and more projects. Companies in India are known for providing the projects on time as required by offshore outsourcing clients. Most of the companies with good team of virtual employees meet the offshore outsourcing needs of clients on stipulated time without affecting the quality.

The establishment of the concept of outsourcing began with information technology sector but later on, it stepped into various other fields like technical supports, computer programming, freelance writing etc. Many companies working in the ambit of web based business outsource their projects to several outsourcing professionals as per their need and considerations. Offshore outsourcing scenario is said to boom in a tremendous manner in the coming years. Hence it is the time for outsourcing companies in India housing virtual employees with professional excellence and dedication to receive the golden times.

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