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The idea of Neyox

The “Neyox” Eureka moment occurred to us in the year 2010. While having coffee with a friend at Chipotle Mexican Restaurant, Manhattan, New York, I overheard a group of entrepreneurs discussing the progress of their start-up businesses. I could sense they were rather annoyed at their inability to take their businesses to the next level; handling everything on their own from administration to marketing, and payroll to accounting, they were strapped for time.

The entrepreneur in me sensed a great business opportunity, especially being from India, a country with a billion people, and reputed as the back office of the world offering high quality manpower to many global companies, I felt these small entrepreneurs could get enough time for their core business functions if offered quality assistance in marketing, accounting, Data entry, sales, web designing, writing, etc.

I went back to my hotel suite, albeit in my business attire, and calmly without any chants of Eureka. Immediately, I put forth my idea to a few friends, and cousins working in the Hi-tech industry in India, and here in the US, and received an overwhelming response from all of them.

Well, we knew there is a market out there for skill, and quality, so our business plan was to scout for talent and offer it to those who needed it. The challenge was to connect the skilled employee with the global clients. Thanks to the technology, we adopted the virtual model to bring both the parties together. Businesses need not worry about the costs of hiring a full time employee or setting up the infrastructure, while skilled employees enjoys the comforts of working from home, and be equally responsible and efficient.

The start-up businesses, budding enterprises gave us a thumbs up. These time strapped , quality conscious entrepreneurs kept coming back to us for the quality of work we provided; we have in-fact been referred by them to many more clients-thousands of small companies, entrepreneurs and professionals who need virtual employees on regular basis to manage their repetitive or mundane tasks.

— Neeraj Parnami

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