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18 Apr Misconceptions About Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant is becoming ‘the way to go’ in businesses worldwide. Considering the worth of virtual assistants, it is a bit surprising to see so many myths circulating about why you should not be hiring a virtual assistant. The following points reveal some of these myths and restore the virtual assistant position in all its useful glory.

Myth 1: Hiring a Virtual Assistant is Expensive
A virtual assistant is far from expensive as the work is outsourced to an individual who is working on his own time, and over the internet. Since the workweek for the virtual assistant is minimal, the fees drop as well. You can get high-quality help with all your assistant responsibilities at a reduced price than would have been had you hired full-time personnel to do the job physically at your office. On the bonus side, you also get to shave off a lot more on office supplies needed for your new assistant.

Myth 2: Virtual Assistants Consider the Length of the Project
Since you are not contracted directly with the virtual assistant to be a part of your company, you look at it like a service. And like every service, there’s a deadline. Most virtual assistants pick their clients based on the deadlines and this is the big and bad myth. The real truth is, you get to set the deadline, and the virtual assistant will do anything to finish in that deadline.

Myth 3: Zero Benefits and special considerations
A popular myth is to look at outsourced freelancers like cannon fodder that you can just use for minimal pay and zero benefits. Like every job, you have to make it a little lucrative to attract employees, or in this case, virtual assistants work! Benefits usually include bonuses for good work, but can also extend to exclusive shopping coupons, etc.

Myth 4: Virtual Assistants can Handle Only Simple Tasks
It’s not true at all. Virtual assistants are more than just office administrators. They can be a blogger, content marketing expert, project manager etc. Some virtual assistants have their own specialized skills based on your business requirements. So, they are not just restricted to admin tasks.

Myth 5: Too Little to Allocate a Part of your Investment into Hiring a Virtual Assistant
Your business is yet to grow into the multinational corporate you may have dreamed it to be. But that does not mean it’s too small to allocate a part of your investment into hiring a virtual assistant. A lot of small startups die out from lack of an efficient workforce or website. A virtual assistant can be outsourced to handle a bunch of mini responsibilities – usually in the internet and telecommunications sectors – and this can help you save a lot more on salaries. Managing your website is one of the many key responsibilities of virtual assistants and since all they really need is a computer that’s connected to the web. And it’s a cheap and reliable option.

Myth 6: Lots of Management Problems with Virtual Assistants
Being the boss is rad and some even enjoy the power despite its highly corruptible nature. With a virtual assistant, the game plan changes dramatically. Rather than following the myth that you can still boss around others on the phone. A virtual assistant actually has a few crucial responsibilities and if you’re more the boss than a friend, they might just up and quit leaving you in a tight spot. But this does not mean that you need to be a pushover and accept late deadlines without a good reason to back it up. Managing virtual assistants has to be done gently and professionally.

Myth 7: Virtual Assistants Don’t Keep Your Company’s Data Confidential
If you’re outsourcing a core responsibility of your business, a lot of employers have little faith when it comes to trusting others with confidential data. While this is a cautiously wise idea, it turns most startups away from virtual assistants. However, this is a myth as in the outsourcing world, the personnel is least interested in divulging your company’s data for personal gain. For one, they are being paid – very well, hopefully – to keep it secret as part of the job profile. If you’re still unsure about it, you can outsource that responsibility to a company who manages a team of virtual assistants instead where the professionalism demands keeping your data confidential.

Myth 8: Only Virtual Assistants with Strong Feedbacks should be Hired
Most demo videos and company profiles advertise certain virtual assistants very highly, and this is transparently suggesting that they are the ones to pick. However, this can be very misleading as most virtual assistants have tie-ups with their previous clients to oversell the assistants to their networks. The best way is to talk directly with the virtual assistant over Skype and discuss all details of their previous work before finalizing the deal.

Myth 9: Virtual Assistant Supervision is Too Hard
Keeping track of your virtual assistant’s work is the hardest part- No, not at all! It takes a little bit of easy supervision to handle a virtual assistant. You can keep yourself updated on tracking your assistant’s work responsibilities by discussing frequently on the progress. Monitoring progress is the most efficient way of making virtual assistant supervision easy.

Myth 10: It is Difficult to Hire and Work with a Virtual Assistant
Your business is best served by properly delivering the details of your business to the virtual assistant. The myth goes that it is difficult to hire a virtual assistant as you can never communicate as efficiently as you do face-to-face. However, if you list the responsibilities clearly, have a conversation on Skype, and send over important data through file sharing websites to get the most out of your virtual assistant.
Virtual Assistants may work from home but that doesn’t subtract to their potential and performance. Moving to the digital age, they could be a gem to your business.

About Author: Santosh (Neetu Kapila) is a blogger at Mind Digital Globe who intends to read and write about digital marketing. Her skills are not just limited to writing; she also manages search engine optimization and social media marketing campaigns.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Mind-Digital-Globe-1829625503982043
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