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25 Mar Top 19 LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

With the introduction of new tactics of social media marketing, social media is not restricted to friends and family anymore. LinkedIn is a social media power house that connects millions of professionals undoubtedly. In addition to publish content, uploading business images, sharing updates, there is much more to love about LinkedIn.

Here, I am sharing a list of 19 tips and tricks to help you expand your reach, achieve your marketing goals and enhancing your business results.

Having excellent and up-to-date LinkedIn profile can help you build your reputation in your industry. Let’s get started with LinkedIn Marketing by following LinkedIn Marketing tips!

Get Endorsements: Endorsements ensure your connections to vouch for your existing professional skills including project management, PHP, SEO etc), adding social approval to your LinkedIn business profile.

Create a Custom LinkedIn Profile URL: The best thing about LinkedIn is that it allows you to create a custom URL that includes your name.

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile for Search Engines: It is imperative to optimize your LinkedIn page including relevant keywords while publishing content.

Encourage Connections Creating a Profile Badge: LinkedIn gives you an option to create a profile badge that you can place on your site and link to your LinkedIn business profile to build awareness for your business presence and encourage LinkedIn connections.

Anchor Text Optimization on Profile: An easy approach to enhance the attractiveness of your LinkedIn profile is to optimize Anchor text for links on your LinkedIn profile.

Create a Traditional Resume from your LinkedIn Profile: LinkedIn has a great feature that let you turn your LinkedIn profile into a traditional resume.

Professional Profile Picture: It is imperative to add a professional profile picture to your LinkedIn profile to make your profile public.

Request for Connection Introduction: LinkedIn allow you to connect with new people without video conferencing or phone calls. There is an option ‘Get Introduction’ for 2nd-degree connection. Select the person who you want to make the introduction.

Export your LinkedIn Connection List: LinkedIn offers you an option to transfer your connections to another contact management system. In order to export your contacts list, just go to your connection and click “Export LinkedIn Connections” under the settings.

LinkedIn Groups: Joining LinkedIn Groups can offer you great benefits including access to niche content and group discussions, a hub for publishing your content for awareness to buyers.

Optimize your Company Page: In order to reflect your brand and enhance organic search results, you must optimize your LinkedIn company page

Utilize LinkedIn Pulse to Publish Original Content: LinkedIn Pulse is an awesome tool to publish original content and explore business perspectives.

Create and Optimize Showcase Pages: Like a landing page, showcase pages must be created and optimized to reflect particular brands, business products and services.

Use Sponsored Updates: Try LinkedIn sponsored updates to appear native to the LinkedIn platform.

Analyze Group Statistics: Being a marketer, you can analyze LinkedIn group statistics which will highlight the total members in a group, their activities and insights.

Create your Own Relevant LinkedIn Group: Create your own LinkedIn Group to share your ideas as a leader and collect ideas from industry-relevant users.

Hire New Employees: LinkedIn is a professional social media platform to recruit new employees and grow your business team.

LinkedIn Analytics: LinkedIn offers analytics for business pages including updates, followers and visitors.

Try Company Follow Button: An intuitive way to promote your LinkedIn company page is to add the ‘Company Follow button’ to your business website.

To expand your reach and attain your business marketing goals, you must follow important LinkedIn Marketing tips. Endorsement is the important point to consider that ensures your contacts to vouch for your professional skills. It is imperative to optimize your LinkedIn profile for search engines. So, essential tips must be followed to improve your LinkedIn marketing goals.

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