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17 Feb Keyword Research – Most Crucial Factor for your Internet Marketing Campaign

Keyword research is a very crucial job when you are going for internet marketing of your business. Keyword is usually the main phrase or set of words from which a user searches any particular information on Google or other search engines. In terms of Indexing, Keyword is used to retrieve any information or document from any information system. With Google having the most refined search algorithm; most webmasters does not care for other search engines, and only focus on Google. An experienced webmaster starts the SEO for any website with first step as keyword research.

Wondering why keyword research is important? Assume, Chris goes to Tom’s home to meet him and shouts “Hey friend, please come out.” What’s the probability of coming Tom out? Instead of it, if Chris will call, “Hey Tom, come out please”, it has the maximum possibility of Tom, coming out. Same is the case with keyword research. When you don’t know what is that with which your customers will search you, you will not get the relevant traffic.

Suppose you sell USB drives, what all the keywords with which your customers can search your product? You can get the traffic from keywords like – Pen Drives, Flash drives, Thumb drives, USB drives and USB flash drives so that Google knows that these are the things this is dedicated to. So what you can do is – you can put all these words on your page in order to have relevant users to your website.

Keyword research is very crucial for

  1. Having relevant traffic to your website
  2. Higher conversion ratio in your PPC or SEO Campaign
  3. Higher return of investment (ROI) from your advertising budget
  4. Increasing your business turnover

After a proper keyword research, putting those keywords in your content is not enough. Now you need to work on those keywords by including them in your page titles, in product information and blog posts etc. These efforts will ensure that your target customers will find you through organic search.

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