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13 Mar 10 Steps to Have a Solid Foundation for Your Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks in the world and everyone is trying to find out how to take its advantage. Following 10-day-guide is for anyone who hopes to increase engagement and grow their audience on Instagram. This guide will help you get clear instructions on improving your activities and lay a solid base for Instagram success. Following 10 days steps will help you to make a mark on Instagram and to produce great results towards your business objectives.

Day 1: Outline Your Strategy

Before approaching to Instagram app, it is imperative to take the time to outline your strategy. A proper strategy can help you to leave an impact and generate great results from your Instagram activities. It will also help you avoid focusing on irrelevant activities.

Ask yourself following questions to develop your strategy:

  • What is your objective of using Instagram?
  • How can you achieve your business goals through Instagram?
  • How can Instagram support your business marketing?
  • How to attract your target audience?
  • What challenges are being faced by your target audience?
  • How do you handle these challenges and solve their problems?
  • What time would your target audience be active on Instagram?
  • How often will you publish images or content?
  • What is your goal of making posts on Instagram?
  • What’s your brand?
  • How to represent your brand through images?
  • What type of content will be suitable for your target audience?
  • Can you have a strong call to action with every image?
  • Who will manage your Instagram activities – you or any of your team members?

Task for Day 1

  • Answer the above questions to build a successful Instagram strategy.

Day 2: Brainstorm Content Marketing Ideas

Once you outline your strategy, it’s time to brainstorm the type of content you need to share on your Instagram account. Can you make informative and inspirational posts that educate your audience? Be sure to brainstorm at least 50 content post ideas.

Tasks for Day 2:

  • Brainstorm at least 50 content ideas.
  • Set up a system for storing post ideas.

Day 3: Focus on Content Creation

Before you optimize your Instagram profile, it is imperative to create 10-20 images to popularize your Instagram profile. Adding video can attract more target users towards your profile.

Tasks for Day 3:

  • Create 10-20 informative images.
  • Upload 1-2 creative videos to grow your audience.

Day 4: Set up and Optimize Your Profile

Now it’s the right time to set up your Instagram profile. Try to make your profile stand out in a crowd of Instagram users.

Here are few guidelines to set up or optimize your Instagram profile:

  • Select a username that represents your business. Try to keep it consistent with your other social networking profiles.
  • Be sure to add a relevant keyword to your account name.
  • Choose a profile picture that stands out in the sea of Instagram feed.
  • Write about yourself in 150 characters to attract your potential followers.
  • Use your website link in your bio to tell your audience about your services.
  • Make sure that you add 6-9 images that signify your brand and encourage the audience to follow you.
  • Upload an informative video to impress the audience.

Task for Day 4:

  • Set up and optimize your Instagram profile.

Day 5: Add Relevant Link to Your Profile

The best approach to attract a wider audience on Instagram is to add the link in your profile. It is advisable to choose a relevant page to attract Instagram audience and gain more traffic. You can also direct the audience to your latest blog post. The link in your bio can be changed whenever required.

Tasks for Day 5:

  • Choose the link to add to your profile.
  • You can also create a landing page on your site to attract the wider audience.
  • Post a fresh image to your profile.
  • Also add 1 video to gain more traffic.

Day 6: Build Your Followers

On Day 6, be sure to research and follow 15-20 new accounts on Instagram who share your target audience. Look for Instagram accounts within your industry or showing a keen interest in related industries.

Tasks for Day 6:

  • Follow 15-20 Instagram users.
  • Post a new image to your profile.
  • Publish a fresh video to your profile.

Day 7: Use Hashtags

Using hashtags with relevant keywords in your posts will help you put your images in front of people who are searching those keywords and make you reach to your potential audience. It is imperative to use at least 3-5 hashtags in the first comment to expand your reach.

Tasks for Day 7:

  • Select few relevant keywords that your target audience might use to reach out to your business.
  • Have a look at posts by your competitors to notice which hashtags they are using.
  • Post an image adding 3-5 hashtags.

Day 8: Engagement

It is important to engage your followers to build a relationship. When you reply to comments on your posts, you engage your target audience. When you make comments on other Instagram users’ images, you represent your value and engage their followers. This helps build trust and engagement with you and your brand.

Tasks for Day 8:

  • Reply to comments on your images
  • Comment on images of users within your industry.
  • Post an image with 3-5 hashtags.
  • Add a video to your profile to boost traffic.

Day 9: Schedule Your Instagram Posts

Like other social media platforms, Instagram can take a lot of time if you are not following a proper strategy.

Monthly: You must brainstorm image ideas that you want to share for the month.

Weekly: Each week you can create images using your favorite tools. You can then upload images to Hootsuite and schedule Instagram posts, share account access, and much more!

Daily: Be sure to post images once received notifications from Hootsuite. Respond to comments on your images. It is advisable to engage with your followers by making comments on other users’ images.

Tasks for Day 9:

  • Manage your time for Instagram activities.
  • Post a fresh image using 3-5 hashtags.
  • Follow 2-3 new people.
  • Comment on others’ images and videos.
  • Create and upload a video to engage your audience.

Day 10: Monitor the Traffic, KPIs and Engagement

It is important to measure traffic, engagement and KPI’s to achieve your business goals. Iconosquare is an effective tool that helps you to monitor your Instagram activities.

Tasks for Day 10:

  • Determine the KPI’s.
  • Post an image using 3-5 hashtags.
  • Follow 2-3 new Instagram accounts.
  • Comment on others’ images and videos.
  • Add 1-2 videos to your profile for more visibility.

So, when it comes to making the most of Instagram, above 10 steps lead you to a strong foundation. If you are new to Instagram or having little knowledge about Instagram marketing, the above 10 steps will help you not only in driving traffic to your websites but also enhance brand awareness.

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