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13 Mar How Does Neyox Ensure Data Security?

Data security is important part for every business. The most common threats prior to data security include the interception of data, unauthorized access to data that is stored on hardware or flowing within networks, and theft of hardware or media. In a virtual environment, keeping the data secure becomes highly challenging these days. Not just PC’s but also mobile devices are mostly susceptible to data leaks and can be easily accessed by an outsider like a freelancer.

Generally, data security is a primary concern for clients who share some documents or confidential information to an offshore location. A typical freelancer generally handles multiple clients simultaneously so mix-up of such documents may happen at any time. With no visibility, a client just has to put his/her trust on freelancers and hope for the desired results. So, it is advisable to hire virtual employees to ensure data security in your business.

Here is how Neyox ensures data security while working with a client:

Consistent Communication: When you hire a dedicated virtual employee at Neyox, he follows easy and transparent communication under the supervision of a dedicated project manager.

Keep your Financial Information Secure: Our project managers keep your financial information i.e. Bank details and credit card information secure and confidential.

Secure Passwords: At Neyox, we provide unique username and password to our virtual employees to let them access our systems. This way, we keep our business information safe and secure.

Data Backups: At Neyox, we take backup of all data regularly and keep it safe and secure. Also, we don’t grant access to backups unless we know about why our virtual employee needs to access that backup data.

Limited Access to Business Information: At Neyox, we provide limited access to our virtual employees to ensure our data stays secure. We share your business information to virtual employee on a “need to know” basis.

Host your Systems: At Neyox, we host all our business documents and systems on our own server so as to maintain and control them. We restrict virtual employee to create new folders and/or share business documents from their own folders.

Firewall Set Up: At Neyox, we protect our company data by our own computer firewall set up before our virtual employees start working with us.

Keep your Intellectual Property Safe: Hiring a freelancer can cause data or intellectual property theft. But at Neyox, as your virtual employee works in a virtual environment, so your business information remains safe and secure.

Keeping data secure is important to improve daily operations efficiency of business. Neyox has great experience in delivering the quality and secure virtual employee services in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Dubai and many other geographical locations. Our virtual employees handle all your administrative tasks without any risk to business information.

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