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26 Jan Cheap outsourcing solutions v/s quality outsourcing solutions

Information technology has been growing tremendously and most of the companies focus on cost reduction. It has now become an integral and critical part of every business as it has opened up new worlds of market analysis and new ways of selling and interaction. Nowadays business owners have more options for purchasing IT services and purchasing decisions doesn’t rely only on the cost but also on expertise, quality, service, responsiveness and flexibility. That’s one of the reasons the companies have started job outsourcing in countries like India, China, Philippines etc. Few of the factors a company should considered while looking for quality outsourcing solutions, are as follows:

1. Expertise: The skills of your in-house team may be critical to keep the existing system running but if the you decide to go for a major change in your mainframe then the quality of the workers really matters. So better than getting low cost sourcing solutions with people who are only skilled in a particular field, you should prefer resources that have wide area of expertise and deliver quality support.

2. Quality: No company will compromise on the quality of the sources they hire just because they are low cost. It’s not only about doing things right but doing the right things and companies should prefer people who think and make smart move or step ahead with respect to a particular task. Only quality resources can think that way and never a cheap outsource solution team. For an in-house team the view is more holistic but for an outside service the quality concept is more tasks specific.

3. Service: A quality team of people who understands the actual meaning of service will always perform well than a team of resources that you hire just because they are cheap. The employees not only look at the expertise of resources in solving a problem but also the willingness they show to help them and take care of it. Only an employee from a good quality outsource team would be dedicated and sincere towards your work.

4. Responsiveness: Response time for a particular issue or problem is very critical as far as IT outsourcing is concerned. Commitment and communicating to the customer about the work issues can be addressed and solved itself is a good way of showing your response as quality resources do matter in such critical issues.

5. Flexibility: A right resource should be one who should be willing to adapt himself to the changing situations in an organization. Extra precaution should be taken to closely evaluate whether the standards and policies are right in place to protect the company. Only a quality resource can be flexible and become successful where as a cheap outsource just complete the assigned work.

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