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INDUSTRY: Retail Management/Human Resource

Country: USA : Location: Georgia


The client’s retail organization is one of the largest retail stores around the world. The client’s Company had a centralized Human Resource Department. Although HR processes are managed centrally but many HR tasks and procedures are controlled by retail store managers.

The Challenge:

Due to high focus on sales, the retail store managers had no time to focus on critical HR practices.

The major challenge faced by client was discrepancy in virtual interviews and resume sourcing.

Other Challenges faced by the client were:

  • Payroll management
  • Tracking leave data of employees
  • Irregularities in the attendance data of the staff

The above challenges affected critical business metrics i.e. poor customer service, lowered sales, unnecessary expenses and lack of professionalism.

The Solution:

Neyox provided dedicated HR professional for managing Human Resources by automating significant functions. With Neyox dedicated HR professional, the client’s retail organization was able to improve sales, cut out unnecessary expenses and manage virtual interviews and resume sourcing that significantly enhanced employee availability and by extension, overall productivity.

The Results:

Neyox helped the client’s retail organization implement their HR processes effectively. Neyox dedicated HR professional utilized the latest methods of technology to deliver fast HR solutions including project management, payroll management, and virtual interviews and resume sourcing.

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