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INDUSTRY: Real Estate

Country: USA : Location: California


The client’s company is a California based family owned Real Estate Company and is indulged in a wide array of real estate investments. The client’s business is involved in real estate processes including planning, design, development, construction and property management. The client’s organization has great industry reputation.

The Challenge:

Client’s real estate business has numerous users who need instant access to critical business applications and services on any electronic device. Relying completely on the real estate portal for thousands of customers, the client’s company began to face unreliable performance and limited access for customer. At that time, managing real estate web portals became a big hurdle for client.

Following are some of the challenges that the client faced:

  • Difficulty in instantly ramping up key operations
  • Delay in the movement of files across the processing team
  • Slow response time (TAT)

The Solution:

The key to develop a successful real estate business lies in managing real estate portal. Neyox aimed at managing real estate portals to expand client’s real estate business. Neyox provided a dedicated wordpress programmer. Neyox, with vast experience in managing real estate portals, was able to present the customers with guaranteed construction, property management and other real estate services.

The Results:

Neyox WordPress Programmer, through extensive experience, managed the real estate web portals which turned the client’s real estate business towards success. With innovative business capabilities, Neyox WordPress Programmer understood the need of managing real estate portals and gave realistic support to the client’s real estate business.

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