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Country: USA Location: Boston


The client’s legal firm has qualities like teams headed by lawyers and legal research. The company is involved in legal transcription, legal coding, litigation support, legal research and scoping solutions.

The Challenge:

The major challenge that this company faced is writing blogs and documents related to legal business. This Company faced the real problems and key legal challenges which are highlighted below:

  • Drafting legal documents in an extraordinary volume
  • Preparing for cases and meeting the deadlines set by the courts
  • Follow-up of cases in litigation
  • Manual merging of documents
  • Creating copies of Digital Images to be attached to Documents
  • Outsourcing readiness
  • Stream lining administrative activities
  • Focusing on core competency

The Solution:

The key to develop a successful LPO business lies in contributing towards law firm blogs and legal ghostwriting. Neyox provided a competent blog writer to drive the client’s legal business towards success through case management, work flow management, case law research and legal drafting. At Neyox, experienced blog writers have capability to write content that is informative and relies on real issues and guide legal customers.

The Results:

Neyox Blog writers provided quality legal content to increase online visibility and revenue of the client’s law firm. As the legal blogs are updated on a weekly or daily basis, the client’s business has turned towards the right track by doing more than just getting traffic. Neyox through its quality blog writing has helped the client’s legal firm to build strong relationship among potential clients.

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