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Country: USA Location: Los Angeles


The Client’s Company is a globally trusted outsourcing firm that offers financial services, BPO and KPO services in the industries like Communication services, High-Tech, Hospitality, Retail Utilities, and Logistics etc. This company is able to help its clients and solve various business problems and delivers highest level of quality, accuracy, cost benefits and certainty in the unmatched by other companies of the outsourcing industry.

The Challenge:

The client faced a number of challenges in BPO and KPO services. The major challenge faced by customers was the lack of Tech support. The existing IT support was not specific to BPO/KPO platforms. Their existing support service team was not well-versed with the BPO/KPO domain and was not able to meet the requirements.

Other challenges faced by customers were:

  • The support turnaround time needed to be improved
  • BPO/KPO division was delivery focused and needed extensive hand-holding on BPO/KPO platform management

The Solution:

Neyox Outsourcing provided dedicated tech expert who had experience in BPO and KPO platforms. Neyox helped the client’s BPO/KPO Company setting up support operations centre with voice/email/internet infrastructure and remote access environment to sustain the customer’s operations.

The following tech support solutions were provided by Neyox Tech Expert:

  • 24/7 Support
  • User creations for the application
  • Managing the access of users for the application
  • Periodic maintenance of databases
  • Resolving and troubleshooting application errors
  • Regular Maintenance

The Results:

The customers have been completely satisfied with BPO/KPO services. Many performance issues faced by the client have been resolved by Neyox dedicated tech expert. This has led to a tremendous increase in the productivity of customers.

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