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Case studies

Neyox case studies represent the real-world scenarios in which Neyox was used to assist its’ clients efficiently and to improve their business. Read the following case studies to learn how big organizations have recently benefitted from collaborating with Neyox.

INDUSTRY: Clothing/Ecommerce

The Clothing Company is a global online clothing retailer aimed at young adults. Majority of the USA’s most visited retail stores are concerned with clothing. This Company has engaged with e-commerce at the… Read More

INDUSTRY: College/Education

The client is a US based college and a leader in the education sector. The client’s college is founded in 1972 with its campuses located in Texas, USA. This college has 100+ faculties and 5000+ students from 70+ countries. Read More


The client’s legal firm has qualities like teams headed by lawyers and legal research. The company is involved in legal transcription, legal coding, litigation support, legal research and scoping solutions. Read More

INDUSTRY: Real Estate

The client’s company is a California based family owned Real Estate Company and is indulged in a wide array of real estate investments. The client’s business is involved in real estate processes including planning, design, development, construction and property management. The client’s organization has great industry reputation. Read More


The client’s hotel has a full-service spa, casino, nightclub and 10+ restaurants. The rooms are fully air-conditioned featuring sitting areas. Other amenities include outdoor pool, spa tub, fitness center, onsite dining and free wifi. The client’s hotel is ideal for business and leisure guests. Read More


The client’s travel agency is one of the largest online travel agencies in the world providing a wide range of travel services including airline tickets, hotel reservations, tour packages, car rentals, cruises and more. Read More


The Client’s Company is a globally trusted outsourcing firm that offers financial services, BPO and KPO services in the industries like Communication services, High-Tech, Hospitality, Retail Utilities, and Logistics etc. This company is able to help its clients and solve various business problems and delivers highest level of quality, accuracy, cost benefits and certainty in the unmatched by other companies of the outsourcing industry. Read More

INDUSTRY: Financial

The Client’s Financial Company is a leading provider of financial benefits in the USA. The Financial Company is committed to arrange financing for many corporations. The client’s financial company processes all the paperwork submitted by the applicant and assesses the loan eligibility. Read More

INDUSTRY: Retail Management/Human Resource

The client’s retail organization is one of the largest retail stores around the world. The client’s Company had a centralized Human Resource Department. Although HR processes are managed centrally but many HR tasks and procedures are controlled by retail store managers. Read More

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