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In outsourcing industry, customer’s needs vary with the time and so, it is not possible to offer a red line, defined & fixed solutions all the time. The outsourcing business partner has to be very flexible in terms of offering its services. At Neyox, we offer three business engagement models keeping in mind the changing scenario and new challenges faced during Business Outsourcing. We provide flexibility and transparency to our customers and partners through our business solutions & engagement models.

At Neyox, our business engagement models have been tailored as per our customer’s needs to fit their budget, project requirements and team coordination. At Neyox, we are not even flexible but also supportive in terms of delivering the projects on time. By keeping the scope of work in mind, we offer three business engagement models to our customers, as follows:

  • Fixed Price Model
  • Time & Material Model
  • Dedicated Virtual Assistants

Fixed Price Model

The model is most well-matched for projects where the requirements, scope of work, time line and deliverables are clearly defined. If you are the first time outsourcer or concerned with cost fluctuations, you can opt this model with Neyox.

  • The project duration and cost estimation carried out in advance before any project takes place.
  • An agreement of mutually agreed fixed costs is signed in between. The fixed cost is decided on the basis of project size, scope, complexity & other factors involved.
  • A fixed payment continues as the milestones are achieved one by one.

Advantages of this Model

  • This is a low risk model where you don’t need huge budget to involve in outsourcing business.
  • This model allows the customers to keep a back up in advance of an exact budget.
  • Payments are justified along with the project completion.
  • This model offers transparency and clarity of project before and during execution.
  • This model helps outsourcing vendor to execute the project very fast because of exact defined project guidelines.

Time & Material Model

This model is most well-matched for projects where requirements, scope of work, time line and deliverables cannot be clearly defined at one go or the project is scalable which may demands inclusion of new technologies. Neyox suggests this model to customers who are not clear with their project and may change the project specifications while executing the project anytime.


  • The cost is dependent upon the team size of your virtual assistants and no. of man hours involved.
  • The customer can allocate virtual assistants as per the project requirement.
  • There is regular communication between customer and your virtual assistants.
  • Your virtual assistants report to customer on regular basis.
  • Our project managers help our customers supervising their virtual assistants and managing their projects effectively.

Advantages of this Model

  • The customer can control his virtual assistants as per requirement/work load.
  • The customer can upgrade any changes (design, technology etc.) anytime during the project execution.
  • The customer can control the budgets by defining scope of project and no. of virtual assistants involved.

Dedicated Virtual Assistants/Offshore Business Model

This Model is highly recommended for large on-going projects, product development, product enhancement and support, product re-engineering and maintenance etc. At Neyox, the customers can employ individuals or a team for short term or long term basis.

  • In this model, dedicated virtual assistants work exclusively on customer’s project.
  • Dedicated virtual assistants act as an extension of your own team.
  • Dedicated virtual assistants work with complete transparency.
  • An experienced project manager works along & supervises dedicated virtual assistants which ensure the quality work.
  • The cost is dependent on team size, expertise levels and project duration.

Advantages of this Model

  • Dedicated virtual assistants are completely focused on customer’s projects & requirements.
  • This is cost effective model as compared to onsite assistants.
  • This model offers a flexibility to deploy a number of dedicated virtual assistants across projects based on priorities.
  • The customer can use a ready to use infrastructure at Neyox office.
  • No worries about: labor taxes, monthly assistant salary, hardware/software issues, HR policies, infrastructure & other fixed expenses.
  • The customer can have a complete control on his project and dedicated virtual assistants.

Don’t just take our word for it! See what others say about us.

Mike Braden

I have worked with many IT companies with SEO, Web design and Creative Media announcements, Raj (my VA) is the best I have ever worked with and recommend him and his company.

Mike Braden

CEO, Business Consulting Services

Lisa Simpkins

My VE has done outstanding work for me. His work is very professional, detailed and is highly recommended. His expertise is outstanding in the fact that he always meets his deadlines.

Lisa Simpkins

Social Media & Marketing Manager, ZOX Pro

Pankaj Parnami

What I enjoy the most in getting SEO consulting services from my VA is his attention to our projects in detail, straight-forwardness and promptness in communication.

Pankaj Parnami.

Founder, GOAL


Your virtual employee works on the mundane and repetitive tasks so you can focus on your core business.

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