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02 Mar 8 Pinterest Real Estate Marketing Tips to Boost Sales and Visibility

Pinterest is a fastest growing social network. Almost all big brands use Pinterest to get more exposure online. It is a perfect marketing tool for real estate agents. It lets you manage, arrange and share all the real estate listings, images, blogs and reports that interest you on the web or on other people’s pinboards at Pinterest.

Here are some excellent tips for real estate agents who are starting out using Pinterest for real estate marketing:

    1. Optimize Pin Descriptions:

Pinterest allows you to write description of maximum 500 characters but you must not cover all 500 of those characters. People don’t like to read long stuff on Pinterest. So, make sure to write Pinterest description of just 250 characters to get more repins. While writing a pin description, try to fit 1-2 keywords and a call-to-action for more exposure for your real estate business.

    1. Group Boards:

One of the best ways to market your real estate business on Pinterest is by creating group boards. You can update your group boards to grow your real estate audience and get more pins on your boards.

    1. Prompt Audience to Share Your Pins:

It is imperative to install the “Pin It” button if you are using WordPress. With this plug-in, any image on your pages can show a “Pin It” button, allowing audience to pin your content with a single click.

    1. Contribute to a Group Board:

Group boards get popular as more people contribute. When people contribute to a particular group board, it shows in their profile. By getting more contributors, you can get more exposure.

    1. Attract Both Buyers and Sellers:

Being a real estate agent, you must create eye-catching boards to provide useful information to buyers and sellers. You can pin with interior design, architecture and home makeover boards.

    1. Connect to All Social Media Accounts:

Pinterest allows you to connect to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Yahoo. This way, you can reach to wider real estate audience by sharing your pins on all your social networks.

    1. Pin Your Blog Posts:

It’s important to build a strong relationship between you and your visitors. When you pin your blog posts, you can turn to strong relationship with your regular visitors. Pinning your blog posts related to your real estate business can help you in attracting wider audience.

    1. Get More Repins by Repinning the Most Successful Stuff:

You can get more repins by repinning the most successful stuff. These pins may not promote your blog posts, but if your followers get into a habit of repinning your pins, they will definitely repin your pins about your blog posts. Get the maximum exposure to your real estate business by repinning the most successful stuff.
In order to improve visibility of your real estate business, make sure each of your boards has an impressive title and attractive image. Whether you are new to the platform or an experienced user, the above Pinterest tips will allow you to attract more followers.

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