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01 Mar 6 Brand Strategies for Small Online Retailers

Brand strategy is an important aspect of personal and business development. Brand building not only enhances the consumer awareness of a brand, but also gives it a value and identity. If you are thinking about building a business brand, then it is imperative to understand that brand strategies take enough time and resources.

Here is a list of 6 brand strategies to attract more customers:

  1. Money Back Guarantee to Build Trust:
  2. Customers were reluctant to utilize their credit cards online in the early stages of online shopping. ‘Money Back Guarantee’ came in trend. Popular online retailers offer money back guarantee to build their customers’ trust.

  3. Focus on Highly Targeted Niche Market:
  4. Large online retailers like Amazon and FlipKart focus on a broader mass market. Smaller retailers focus on a highly specific target market.

  5. Build a Community for Your Brand:
  6. Increasing engagement can help to promote your brand. People always want to interact with each other. It is imperative to build a community around your brand. The community can be online based with live events.

  7. Explain a Convincing Story:
  8. One of the great benefits of small business is that owners can directly connect to their customers. Owners can tell their story about how the company started, the location of the warehouses, the mission and vision of the company with a good write-up.

  9. Position Yourself as an Authority:
  10. It’s important to focus on a narrow segment and position yourself as a specialist in your field which can help you to attract a wider audience. When you understand your business well, you can recommend the right products to your customers.

  11. Leverage Social Media for Your Brand:
  12. Once you have created your social media profiles, you need to promote them and connect your customers online. Here are popular social networking sites that you need to investigate for promoting your online store: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

In an era of eCommerce, it is quite easy for small retailers to build a powerful brand strategy to uniquely position their eCommerce business. Small online businesses need to identify their niche, build a strong relationship with their customers and understand their trade better than others. According to Bestselling author Seth Godin, ‘Small is the new big’. It’s really beneficial to be small and agile. So, just move your brand to a next level by considering the above branding strategies!

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