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01 Mar 3 Content Marketing Strategies to Nurture Real Estate Leads

Merely having a website will never guarantee that you will generate business from it. Just getting a huge amount of traffic and even attracting a good amount of leads doesn’t mean that you will generally get new clients. It’s important to nurture real estate leads with content marketing so your website can develop an actual business for you.

For a successful lead generation campaign, there must be a great website, a strategic traffic generation campaign, strong call to action and a lead nurturing campaign.

Lead generation is a strategy of building relationships with potential clients if they are not currently looking to buy a product or service. A well-executed content marketing strategy will not only generate high leads, but also nurture them to become clients.

Here are a few content marketing strategies you can utilize for real estate lead nurturing:


According to latest study,”73% of homeowners prefer realtors who promote their campaign via video.” On the same side, recent study shows that more than 84% of realtors use social media to promote their business. Here are some ways to utilize social media to pull your real estate leads:

Answer Questions Using Social Media:
Using social media, you can answer questions asked by customers and connect with the people located near where your listings are.

Share Content:
It is an easy and smart way to share real estate videos and blogs to get social shares to nurture leads.


According to the 2012 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers,”90% of homeowners use internet to find a genuine realtor.” Here are some effective ways to nurture your real estate through the blog:

Discover a Niche and Discuss About it on Your Blog:
You can find a niche and talk about it on your blog to represent yourself as an experienced agent your prospects are looking for. Writing up posts on real estate topics can help you nurture your real estate leads.

Don’t Focus on Just Selling:
You can write posts about interior home designs and other related projects for new homeowners. Keep it in your mind that you are nurturing not selling.


Email marketing is the top online strategy adopted by internet users. Email helps you to connect with home buyers without any interference. You can keep home buyers up-to date and move them towards making a purchase.

Segment Your Audience:
Make sure to separate out buyers who are ready for sales from those who are in the early buying stage. In each stage, you need to change up your content and your call to action so that email marketing can reach the right audience at the right time.

Add Value:
Be sure your emails add value to each person including helpful information, free advice and offer some exceptionality to attract your recipients to click.

High quality content can easily nurture new leads to become your next real estate clients and help you grow your social sphere which will become the system of potential business for you.

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