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16 Feb 25 Sneaky Ways to Use Twitter for Business

Understanding how to use Twitter’s Advanced Search to find the Tweets you need to look for is an implausible skill. Utilizing Twitter’s Advanced Search can help you grow your business and make your customers satisfied to market your latest Tweet ideas.¬†Here are some of the hidden techniques to use Twitter search for your business:


    1. Monitor Your Brand:

It is imperative to monitor your brand on Twitter with Twitter’s Advanced Search. In addition to brand monitoring, you can create a search query that includes your URL, name and common misspellings.

    1. Save Tweets:

While running any event or promotion, it is imperative to save tweets that mention your event or match your search query to a Google spreadsheet.

    1. Save Positive Feedback:

While utilizing Advanced Search on Tweets about your company, save tweets that offer positive feedback. These Tweets can be embedded on your site.

    1. Favorite the Tweet:

Favoriting the Tweet can get more attention than a retweet. When you spot a customer testimonial in a Tweet, it is a great way to favorite the Tweet.

    1. Monitor and Filter Competitor Tweets:

If you are offering the same product as a competitor, it is a great way to filter out competitor tweets.

    1. Twitter Sentiment about a Competitor:

Instead of searching the Tweets that contain references to your competitor, you need to search the Tweets with one condition i.e. individuals unhappy with the company.

    1. Consider News about Your Brand:

When you need to search about your brand, select the category “News” to filter out the Tweets that match your search query. It is a great technique to see stories about your brand.

    1. Analyze Influencers Tweeting Your Content:

Though searching for all brand mentions on Twitter is worth, using advanced search on Twitter to identify influencers tweeting your content is highly beneficial.

    1. Filter out Journalists Tweeting Your Content:

Narrow your results on keywords in the account’s bio to get an opportunity to make a contact with a reporter if having “journalist” in the bio.

    1. Get Advanced Blog Post Ideas:

While searching for a next blog post topic, using Twitter’s Advanced Search to check what questions have posted about the given topic.

    1. Filter out Videos related to a Topic:

If you are looking for a particular video related to any topic, using Advanced Search can help to filter out recently Tweeted videos related to your topic.

    1. Identify Top Tweets:

It is imperative to find the Top Tweets on Twitter. Twitter’s Advanced Search allows you to find truly popular tweets on a specific topic.

    1. Check Your Most Popular Tweets:

If you want to see which of your Tweets have the highest hits, you can use the Advanced Search to filter out your most popular Tweets.

    1. Get Real-Time Notifications Sent to Email, Text And More:

It is imperative to use a Twitter app to get real-time alerts sent to Email, Text, Chat App and more. You can use custom filters to get alerts every time your brand is mentioned.

    1. Create RSS:

Twitter allows you to subscribe to Tweets through RSS. If that’s too much content, it is imperative to use custom filters. You can get the accurate information you want from Twitter.


    1. Reach to Targeted Audience:

Twitter offers you an intuitive way to reach out to potential customers.

    1. Be Thankful for People Sharing Content from Your Company:

Using Advanced Search, you can search individuals who have shared your content. From there, you can thank all the individuals for sharing your content.

    1. Respond to People Sharing News about Your Brand:

Try building strong relationship with people sharing news about your brand by clicking the “News” category on a Twitter search results page.

    1. Engage on a Topic of Your Choice:

One intuitive way to engage individuals on Twitter is to enter a conversation about a topic of your choice. Twitter’s Advanced Search helps you to search for that topic.

    1. Ensure Business Enterprise Validation:

If you are looking to form up a business, Advanced Twitter Search can help in validating your venture.

    1. Recommend Apps or Tools:

Using Twitter Advanced Search, it is imperative to ask your followers to recommend their favorite app or tool.

    1. Create a List of Potential Customers:

Twitter list is somewhat hidden on Twitter. But, Twitter’s Advanced Search allows you to use a Twitter list to follow your potential customers.


    1. Answer Customers’ Inquiries:

Answer Customer Support Inquiries offer the perfect opportunity to help customers with quick support.

    1. Hands-on Support:

Twitter’s Advanced Search is effective for proactive Twitter support. If people have a problem with your service, you can respond and solve their problems.

    1. Filter Out Satisfied and Unsatisfied Customers:

It is imperative to use a Twitter Advanced Search to get a feel of how satisfied people are with your company or you can also reach to the unsatisfied customers.
Whether you have signed up for Twitter, you have the ability to perform queries on the Twitter by employing Twitter Advanced Search. Just consider the above tips to make your Twitter searches enormously effective.

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