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01 Mar 23 Proven Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Marketing is a vital component for the success of any business. When it comes to real estate marketing, it is imperative to implement strategic and innovative real estate marketing ideas to help real estate agents in lead generation.

Below is a list of the top real estate marketing ideas:

Real Estate Website

As 80% of investors look for commercial real estate online, it is important to have your website. Your website enables you to gain brand visibility, drive sales and lease-up efforts for your real-estate business. Here are a few marketing ideas that are likely to have a strong impact on your business:

    • Get Your Website Optimized for Mobile Devices:

Getting a responsive website is quite beneficial to let you reach and attract more potential investors. In order to have more brand visibility, it’s important to optimize your website for all platforms and devices.

    • Manage an Active Company Blog:

An active company blog can have a positive impact on search engines, social media visibility and a great place to interact with potential tenants and investors. It’s important to educate your clients with key company updates and discuss local market news and industry information.

    • Create a News Section:

You must create a news section on your website to inform clients with important company updates, press releases and survey results. A news section is easy to maintain and update.

    • Create Market Reports:

It is a great idea to publish local market reports including average rent prices, absorption rates and important transactions. You can highlight market reports to attract more interested readers.

    • Optimize Videos:

Optimizing videos is beneficial in giving your clients an interesting medium to interact with. A marketing video also allows you to promote your brand and make yourself stand out from competitors.

    • Newsletter Sign-Up:

It is an intuitive way to help you create a database of potential clients and partners.

    • Consider SEO:

Be sure to follow an effective SEO strategy to help you generate massive traffic from search engines and visibility for specific keywords related to your business.

    • Track Marketing Performance:

It is important to run Google Analytics on your website to track your results. It will help your website to gain more traffic and better visibility.

Digital Marketing

Once you have optimized your website, you must consider online marketing efforts to boost performance and brand.

    • Set Up a Company Newsletter:

A regular company newsletter not only allows you to interact with customers, but also provides valuable free information.

    • Active LinkedIn Profile:

It is advisable to get active on LinkedIn as it offers a powerful marketing system with blogging and group discussion boards.

    • Use Google Adwords:

Google Adwords provides a scalable and intuitive way to target potential investors and tenants online.

    • Consider Remarketing:

It is imperative to consider remarketing as it allows you to recapture the traffic on your website. Running a remarketing campaign shows ultra-targeted ads only to people who have already visited or performed a particular action on your website.

    • Publish Guest Content:

Guest posting means publishing an article on someone’s blog or other sites. While looking for guest posts, you must find the sites relevant to your niche. Submitting guest content can drive traffic to your website and can also improve your ranking in search engines.

    • Create a Video Marketing Campaign:

By launching a video marketing campaign, you can drive more traffic which will increase your online reach.

    • Launch Your Twitter Marketing Campaign:

Twitter has introduced new marketing tools to share new events, ideas and updates with your customers.

Publishing good content, i.e. high quality videos, well-written blogs, informative articles and other informative content can help you build strong relationship with customers.

Offline Marketing Strategies

In addition to online strategies, offline marketing strategies are also a core part of your marketing plan. By combining online as well offline strategies, you’ll reach a wider audience.

    • Host a Good Broker Event:

A hosted broker event can help you to engage with clients and build a long-lasting relationship with them.

    • Create a Professional Group:

It is a great decision to create your own professional group to attract targeted audience who is interested in real estate or marketing.

    • Create a Good Presentation:

A strong presentation can be an effective way to educate prospective clients about your services.

    • Update Your Print Collateral:

It is a great real estate marketing strategy to update your print collateral, social media profiles and images to match your presentation.

    • Work with a Local Organization:

It’s an easy way to work with a local organization or community as it allows you to interact with people. Be sure to choose an organization that matches your brand.

    • Purchase Media in Trade Outlets:

If you need to increase your reach and build your brand, purchasing media offline in trade journals is a great strategy.

    • Inquire for Referrals:

It is imperative to create a referral request program with potential clients and maintain strong relationships.
You don’t need to have a large budget to attract more potential buyers. The above marketing strategies would help you drive more traffic to your real estate website.

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