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17 Feb 20 Tricky Tips to Consider While Writing SEO-Friendly Press Release

SEO friendly press releases are beneficial for enhancing website traffic and also improve search engine rankings.

Be sure to consider the following tips to make your press release as search engine optimized as possible:

  1. Analyze the best keywords for your announcement in the news.
  2. A number of online keyword tools are available to determine the correct terms. An organization can choose paid or free keyword tool depending on their need.
  3. Once keywords are analyzed, you should associate colloquial terms with them.
  4. Choose to use the keyword phrase in the headline.
  5. Use relevant keywords two or three times in the press release.
  6. Avoid over-hyper linking of words as it will be considered as spam by search engines.
  7. Also include an anchor text hyperlink in the press release using the relevant keywords or similar words. Be sure to link these words with an appropriate page of your website.
  8. Be sure to optimize the page for your selected keywords.
  9. It is imperative to put your anchor text links in the starting two paragraphs as a search engine can pick these words efficiently.
  10. Focus on writing a short and concise press release. The appropriate word limit for a release is between 300 – 500 words.
  11. Avoid over utilization of keywords and hyperlinks to have a balanced keyword to press release word length ratio.
  12. It is true that search engines give more importance to rich media content than text. So, be sure to add images and videos in your press release.
  13. Also include a link to your website at the end of the press release.
  14. Bold the text for heading or subheading and make sure to add relevant keywords in the heading or subheading.
  15. Add keywords and links in the right manner.
  16. Focus on writing as natural as possible. Don’t shorten the terms!
  17. If you need to mention your company term by acronym, it is imperative to add both full term and abbreviation in the press release.
  18. Publish all press releases on your website in addition to distributing them over the wire services.
  19. Be sure to use keywords following a keyword density of between 2-8% in your press release.
  20. It is a great choice to buy Adwords for those keywords that are difficult to rank up in search engine. It will help to enhance visibility of your press release.

On an average business day, thousands of press releases are distributed by wire services. But, what can you do to make your press release unique from the pack and ensure your audience to find you? Just follow the above tips to increase visibility and for greater pickup.

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