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20 Feb 10 Pragmatic Tips for Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Now-a-days, as more and more users are spending time on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, it has become important to link social media into your personal blog or website. However, not all the individuals are aware of how to optimize social media profiles correctly. Following are the top tips to create a strong social media presence:

1. Interact with Others: Every time you create social media profiles, spending time visiting other people’s profiles, interacting with new friends. Socialization actually starts by reaching out to others and building a social relationship.

2. Focus on Multimedia: Be sure to add new photos, videos and other multimedia. Adding media into your social media profile makes it stand out unique and makes it interesting for fans visiting your profile.

3. Share Buttons: The social media craze has spawned social sharing. It is imperative to incorporate share buttons on all social media sites to increase brand awareness.

4. Add Fresh Content: Just like a website or blog, adding fresh content to social media sites is even more important. Be sure to post interesting content regularly, but don’t let quantity win over the quality of your social media posts.

5. Keyword OptimizationIt is advisable to target the main keywords into your social media profiles and posts wherever required.

6. Complete your Profiles: Search Engine prefers profiles which are available with all the details. It creates a professional impression for people in your network.

7. Analyze Visitor Behavior: Try analytical tools at all the social media sites and focus on what people are doing. Analyzing their behavior can help you to find what’s working and what’s not.

8. Share Interesting Stuff: Create unique and interesting content and other stuff to encourage your visitors. Viral posts can result in great exposure and visibility for your social media profile.

9. Consider Timing: It is imperative to pay attention to the timing of your social media posts. You’ll find when you have a better response. Emphasize on those high-visibility periods!

10. Avoid Self-Promotion: Don’t let your posts look like promotional ones. Focus on social media posts that lies on the topics that are helpful to your friends and network.

It’s important to be genuine and sincere on social media. By consistently publishing unique and exciting content and other stuff, you can aware audience about your brand and inspire them to share your posts to draw search engine traffic.

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