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08 Feb 10 Fundamental Tips To Improve Your SEO

Good SEO practices start with eliminating past bad habits. It is imperative to avoid ineffective SEO practices and replace them with white-hat and content-friendly strategies.

Here are the 10 Fundamental Tips to Enhance SEO:

Research Keywords Significantly –Keyword Analysis is the first step in SEO. Identify the keywords that highlight your website and your target audience type on search engine while seeking for your products and services. It is imperative to put yourself in customers’ shoes to get the right keywords from the user perspective. It is imperative to use any SEO tool e.g. Google Adwords Keyword Tool. SEO tools will help you optimise your campaign for the effective keywords use.

Link Building-A high page rank (PR) is all most websites aim for. It is advisable to use reputable and high authority sites to link back to your websites. Actually, the higher the number of high quality backlinks, the higher the positions your site will rank up.

Deep Linking-While it is true that your site needs high authority and relevant links, it is equally important that these links go to internal pages of your site. It will let your target most relevant links to each specific internal page. Sites with links going to the homepage are considered as shallow links by search engineers and are not viewed as genuine which can reduce the site’s value.

Create a Sitemap-Creating a sitemap allows search engines find every page of your site. XML sitemap consists of a list of all site pages that help search engines find and link to all content on your website.

Create Compelling Content-Content is the king. So, it is important for every website to have relevant content. Search engine prefers sites with blogs and that can be regularly updated. Be sure your site has quality content that will make your site visitors want to come back and keep looking for the next updates.

Meta Tag Optimization-The Meta tags are available in the site code. Meta tags highlight what the website is all about. Meta descriptions and keywords are the most important Meta tags. In description tag, you must have a few keywords and its length is 150-200 characters.

Optimize Images-The alt tag include image information which search engine can see while site indexing. Make your alt tags valuable using more relevant content!

Social Media Marketing-You can create additional traffic by sharing posts across social media profiles. Some popular social media applications include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest etc. Social media platform allows people to socially connect with one another.

Add Relevant Keywords to Domain Name-Avoid the overuse of keywords into your domain name. Use few relevant keywords in the domain name to reflect the site topic.

Heading Tag Optimization-The title of page will depict what the web page is all about. It is imperative to use one or two relevant keywords in the heading tag for appropriate targeting. Appropriate heading tags enable search engine crawlers to access the website easily.

Google Analytics-Utilizing analytical tools can help you grab useful information about your website like number of visitors coming to your website, how long they surf your site and so on. This information is important to enhance your marketing strategies to generate more leads to customers and hence, improve web traffic.

Having merely a website is not enough these days. Good SEO practices are important to boost up website traffic and ranking. Keyword research is the first step of the right SEO. White Hat SEO strategies must be taken into considering while creating backlinks. Bad SEO can have negative impact for a site. So, fundamental tips or tactics must be followed to improve your business in front of search engines and clients.

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